Jumping the "Jersey" shark

It's fourth of July weekend and illegal underwater drilling from a Seaside Heights pier arouses the attention of a school of albino bull sharks. A group of guidos and guidettes are having fun in the sun when they discover the sharks have invaded their playland. Not being able to get anyone to believe them they take matters into their own hands and defend their turf. Add to that they have to deal with attitudes from preppies.

I’ve never watched Jersey Shores. Now I know why. I love “B” movies, especially monster movies. I have to admit, at first, I had a little trouble with this one. Yes, I know it’s a parody of Jersey Shores and it is not to be taken seriously. But this one seems to have, if you pardon the pun, jumped the shark. This is not just a parody. It is a parody of a parody. The people who made this movie purposely made this movie as cheesy as possible. They did not need to try that hard. Just the idea of it was cheesy enough. And then there was Joey Fatone.

I did like the part where the boys were going all over town trying to convince everyone in town that there were albino sharks with red eyes killing people. It reminded me of the part in “The Blob” where the teenagers were trying to do the same thing. And of course the part where “Nooki” was hitting the rubber sharks with a paddle was reminiscent of Raquel Welch in “One Million BC”.

I also liked the reference to the real shark attack in 1916 that happened along the Jersey shore. Although I don’t remember any accounts of that event that included the phrase “Badda Bing”. And I was absolutely flabbergasted that the guys were able to reason out where the albino sharks came from and why they were there. The reasoning was intuitive and with a fair amount of mental clarity. And all with Jersey accents.

OK, I started out wondering why I was even watching this movie, but after the initial cringing, I hate to admit it, but all in all, despite myself, I enjoyed most of it. In the end it got me.