Jurassic attack/Rise of the dinosaurs

The original title of this movie is “Jurassic Attack”, however, it is also known as “Rise of the Dinosaurs” and both are out there in the universe for sale, so be careful, if you have one of them you don’t need the other.

The basic premise is; a helicopter containing a military team crashes into a crater in the jungles of South America. But they are not alone. Dinosaurs and one crazy professor marooned there also inhabit the area. The survivors of the crash need to try to find a way out of the crater alive.

This is a SYFY channel movie so there are no great characters or writing or plot. The dinosaurs are actually good looking themselves however the graphics incorporating them into the live action is not. They look pasted in and the interaction between the dinosaurs and the actors doesn’t really match. I don’t care.

The reason I watch dinosaur movies is for the dinosaurs and this movie has them. There are T-Rexes, Triceratopses, Velociraptors, and some type of sauropod. There is not a lot of blood but there is lots of gunplay and explosions and, by the end, at least two dead T-Rexes. Do not look for anything more in this movie other than dinosaurs picking off people one by one. But that’s why we love these trashy movies anyway.