“I don’t understand.” “And that’s a beautiful thing, trust me.”

A top-secret facility is creating dinosaurs. Why? Who knows, probably as a weapon. A breach at the facility releases a bunch of them into Los Angeles. A black-ops unit is sent out to handle the dinosaurs that escaped.

At the same time three sorority girls are arrested and, temporarily, put into the prison drunk tank along with a few other tank residents.

A truck with three of the dinosaurs is diverted to a prison and is parked in the prison parking garage. Another special ops unit is keeping watch on the ones that are in the truck. The dinosaurs in the truck escape into the prison.

When one of the dinosaurs gets into the control room it kills the guard and causes a power surge that breaks the circuit on the jail cell doors. The doors all open and the prisoners escape into the hallways. The doors to the drunk tank also open and the drunks, sorority girls, prisoners, any left over guards, and special ops guys are all mixed together with rampaging dinosaurs.

“Jurassic City” was released in 2015 and was directed by Sean Cain. Although there are a lot of dinosaurs running around the city, most of the action happens in the prison. And there is a lot of action. There is carnage, blood and gore everywhere. Warden Lewis was played by Ray Wise. He did a fine job, but I would have liked to have seen more of his character in the movie.

When it comes to these kinds of movies, I cut them a lot of slack. It’s a “B” movie, and low budget for the kind of movie it is. A lot of people didn’t like it but I have to say that all in all I was quite pleased with it. The CGI was good in some parts and not so good in others. The opening credits had some cool music, so that was fun. Also, you have black ops guys, sorority girls, convicts, drunks, a guard or two, and dinosaurs all stuck in a prison together. The dinosaurs got a good amount of screen time which is always a plus in my book. Although there were no T-Rexes the dinosaurs they had were suitably vicious and blood thirsty. Who says you need a T-Rex to have mayhem?

Someone pointed out that the dinosaurs that are loose are Monolophosaurus. Which means single crested lizard. They are a genus of theropods that were found in China. I’ll go along with that.

Even though the plot was rather thin it got to where it needed to go. The dinosaurs. As a matter of fact, the dinosaurs had just as much personality as the actors. One would walk by and take a bite out of someone who was already dead. Cool. To me the movie was a keeper.