Are you ready to rumble?

Well, when “B” movie fans say something is crap you need to think real hard before you decide to watch it. It’s just that the name of the movie “The Jurassic Dead” and the fact that it has a dinosaur in it made me throw caution to the wind and give this movie a try. So I poured a glass of wine and let it play.

A meteorite crashes to earth. Crazy scientist Dr. Wojick Borge (Cooper Elliott) uses it to cover his version of the apocalypse. Crazy scientist has found a way to reanimate dead creatures and wants to turn everyone into a zombie. OK let’s reanimate a T-Rex. OK where did the T-Rex come from? I don’t know.

Four teenagers have their car break down in the desert and they start walking. They end up at a “secret facility” The teenagers do nothing but argue with each other.

Somehow some Black Ops-commandos are sent to the desert. Why? I don’t know. The “Black-Ops Commandos” look and act more like street gang rejects. The commandos end up at the secret facility. The commandos get along better than the teenagers and they are supposed to be badass. They all get stuck in the “secret” facility because the crazy scientist wants to play games with them.

One of the commandos turned into a glowing green eyed zombie. Don’t ask me how. I don’t know. The editing was so choppy I couldn’t tell ya. I think maybe he inhaled some kind of zombie gas. Another commando has a fist fight with the baby T-rex. (There is no way this was an adult. It was only 6 feet tall.) He knocks it out along with a few teeth. T-Rex comes back to life with green glowing eyes. OK zombie T-Rex. I’m good with that. People get killed, people get eaten, people turn to zombies. This is getting good.

I poured another glass of wine.

“Jurassic Dead” was released in 2017 and was directed by Milko Davis and Thomas Martwick”.

OK. Let’s talk. The music was louder than the dialogue but the music was really good and better than the dialogue. The acting was lame. Teenagers lame. Commandos lame. Crazy scientist really, really crazy. The T-Rex was rubber. That I’ve always been OK with but the dinosaur was actually incidental to the movie. It didn’t have to be a T-Rex it could have been any dead thing. The more wine I drank the better I liked it.

As for the ending. I’m really ashamed to say I loved the ending. Even the ending credits so… if you can handle the beginning… and the middle the best is yet to come.