"Our viewers don’t care about tension. They just want to see our contestants die horribly."

Death row inmates are pitted against dinosaurs and other perils as TV entertainment. 10 inmates compete in a virtual reality game. The inmates must get to a safe zone within a specified time within each stage while avoiding the dinosaurs or they die. For real. There will be only one winner.

You take “The Running Man”, “Hunger Games”, “Survivor”, “The Amazing Race”, and “American Gladiators” and throw them up in the air. Toss in dinosaurs and you have “The Jurassic Games”.

There are 4 stages to the “game”. Stage 1 Avoid the dinosaurs. Stage 2 The maze. Stage 3 The mine field. Stage 4 Mystery you need to tune in to find out. If the dinosaurs and the mine field don’t kill you the other contestants will. You won’t miss any of the excitement cause they have instant replay. Complete with action figures of all the contestants. Order yours today.

“Jurassic Games” was released in 2018 for the SYFY channel and was directed by Ryan Bellgardt. I’ve seen good dinosaur movies and I’ve seen crappy dinosaur movies. I loved everything about this movie. Especially the dinosaurs. I don’t know why other people panned it. The interaction was decent. The special effects were good. The action was good. As far a characterization is concerned. They are death row inmates. They don’t have any character. They just kill people.

I fear that anyone who had a problem with the dinosaurs has only seen the “Jurassic Park” movies. Not all dinosaur movies are made by Spielberg. The budget for this film was $10,000,000. The budget for “Jurassic Park” was $63,000,000. And that was in 1993. The budget for “Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom” was $170,000,000. “Jurassic Games” had an animation department of 3 people and visual effects department of 10 people. “Fallen Kingdom” had an animation department of 27 people and a visual effects department of 712 people. No wonder the Jurassic movies look better. It’s not fair to compare the two. As far as I’m concerned, they did a wonderful job with the budget and staff they had.

If you want dinosaurs this movie has them. Lots of them.