The Bhutan Mountain

A search party is attempting to scale a mountain to rescue a research team led by the ex-wife of the head of the search party. Now the reason the original team went up the mountain was to find a long lost civilization that could house the fountain of youth. Why, because the billionaire who financed the research party has a brain tumor and only one month to live, so he thinks the fountain of youth can heal him.

Now the first party is killed by a monster that lives on the mountain, most likely to protect the ancient city. The second party, which includes the son of the billionaire, also starts getting annihilated by the monster. The monster also takes down a helicopter.

Meanwhile, down at the bottom of the mountain there are bad guys that are also looking for this ancient city. They take everyone hostage and bring them up to the mountain top thinking that the billionaire knows where the ancient city is.

Back on the mountain the search party, now a lot smaller, finds the ex-wife, the only survivor of the original party, in a cave, and tries to save her from.. OMG it’s really a pack of monsters, not just one. Now the son of the billionaire is wandering around in the cave and finds … well there’s more but why spoil all of it.

“Killer Mountain” was released in 2011 and was directed by Sheldon Wilson. There is a lot going on in this movie. Most of it, however, happens toward the end.

What does all this mean? It’s a very busy film. I would have liked more monster, but there was enough action to keep my attention and the monsters they did have were good for a “B” movie. When you consider it’s a SY-FY channel movie it’s really pretty decent. I enjoyed it.