Waiting for the next installment

I was very disappointed in this movie. The premise is a scientist who, due to lack of funding, must postpone his normal work on medical research to produce a weapon for a quazi-military organization. The weapon is a T-Rex whose DNA is combined with human DNA to produce the ultimate soldier. Something to do with Bio-printing of biological tissues. Sounds good.

Due to a lab accident the dinosaur kills a bunch of lab rats; I mean techs, so the scientist shuts down the project. The people who paid for this monster will have none of that and they go looking for their weapon in order to use it. I’m looking forward to seeing that movie. Unfortunately that was not the movie I got. Well actually that is probably what I got and that’s it.

"Killersaurus" was released in 2015 and was written and directed by Steve Lawson. It is a British film.

**Spoilers. There is no rampaging T-Rex. It’s chained and locked in warehouse behind a garage door. The only people who get killed are one’s who are stupid enough to go into the room where the T-Rex is chained up. The room is filled with some kind of mist or gas so it’s dark and the dinosaur is mostly a head swiveling back and forth. I can handle a bad looking dinosaur as long as it does something. There’s very little action. No real destruction or blood or chewing of people. The dinosaur doesn’t even escape until…. guess what the movie’s over. Huh? What happened to the dinosaur? Did it escape the building? Did it kill anybody else? What happened next? Augh!**

I understand that it is very low budget but if you have a dinosaur it needs to do something other than swing its head back and forth and you need to have more than one shot of it doing that. The writer, director, producer is the same guy and pretty much the entire movie takes place in a warehouse. And it’s a very slow moving.

The written synopsis of the plot is more exciting than the movie. The plot is actually a good one but nothing is done with it. There is also some back story that is quite interesting but it’s presented without any real substance to it. The dinosaur head is not bad either but again you don’t see much of it and what you see doesn’t do anything. This was not a movie it was more like the first installment of a serial and all we got so far was the cliffhanger. We are now awaiting the next installment and not too patiently.