You too can adopt a crocodile through the “World Wildlife Fund”

Sheriff Riley is played by (John Schneider). He is tasked along with a Fish and Wildlife expert Emily (Sarah Lafleur) to track down the crocodiles. This time there are three crocodiles. (More teeth.) Two male and one female. At least that is what crazy Sadie Bickerman (Cloris Leachman) says.

Also in the mix are some teenagers that decide to take a camping trip down by the lake just ready to be snacks. There is also an annoying big game hunter named Struthers (Sam McMurray), and his assistant Ahmad (Joe Holt), who hears that there is a crocodile in the lake. They show up and help the sheriff hunt the crocs.

"Lake Placid 2" was released in 2007 and was directed by David Flores. It is a SYFY channel movie. The first is usually the best. That’s why they make sequels. In this case, even though the first movie was great, “Lake Placid 2” was not that bad. Like with a lot of movies critics hated it but monster movie fans loved it. Critics like being critical, monster movie lovers just want to be entertained.

Even though "Lake Placid 2" didn’t have the same quick banter back and forth between the characters it did have some. To offset any dialogue shortcomings they added extra teeth. I’m OK with more teeth. After all it is a horror movie. Snappy dialogue helps but I’m not going to totally trash a movie because it doesn’t have it. Was the first one better? Yes. But to just compare one to the other isn’t fair. “Lake Placid 2” had some attributes that made it a good horror movie by itself.

There appears to be little more blood and maiming this time around. The CGI is actually good for the most part. There are explosions and grenade launchers and gun fire. Boats are being destroyed and one sea plane crashing. And you get to see a crocodile killed by Ahmad with just a knife. Seems like fun to me.

For parents there is some nudity in the unrated version.