Don’t worry there are still plenty of crocodiles to adopt through “World Wildlife Fund”

Anything with Colin Ferguson is inherently funny. Here he is a zoologist named Nathan Bickerman. He is the nephew of crazy Sadie Bickerman from “Lake Placid 2”. Yancy Butler is Reba a bad ass hunting guide and all around poacher. Now instead of three crocodiles we have a “bask” of crocodiles. For this movie they’ve amped up the camp and added some serious intensity. There’s just as much blood and chomping as last time.

There are a few stories running concurrently. One concerns teenagers camping in the wrong place. Another one concerns the hunting guide with a couple yahoos poaching in the wrong place. A third is the zoologist whose family has a cabin in the wrong place. All these places are around Black Lake and all are the stomping ground of the crocodiles.

"Lake Placid 3" was released in 2010 and was directed by Griff Furst. It is, of course, the third installment of the Lake Placid franchise. Technically labeled a sequel, plot holes begin to show to the point where if it were a boat it would sink. Still the main characters are front and center. The crocs. As for everything else, the acting, CGI, dialogue etc. it is basically as good as any of the other Lake Placid movies. They are all on a range from OK to fine. To me, the first one is still the best one. This one is just more monsters which is the basic formula for you basic monster horror movie. And I’m OK with that.

For parents, the beginning of the unrated DVD has a sex scene and there is some nudity in a couple places. I’ve read that there is also cursing. Sad to admit I didn’t hear any. Must be I’m desensitized to it. So if you are OK with dismemberment but not bad words- beware.