Baby Crocacondas?

If you’re expecting anything other than a giant crocodile vs a giant anaconda you have not been paying attention. And why is it that the Black Lake area can’t keep a Fish and Game Warden? This time it’s Corin Nemec as Tully. Yancy Butler who was the Fish and Game Warden in "Lake Placid Final Chapter" is now Sheriff Reba. Huh? Yeah really. Robert Englund is also back as Jim Bickerman, at least most of him.

This time scientists are injecting the rare crocodile blood into anacondas so they can harvest the snakes eggs. Something to do with gene splicing and youth serum gobbledygook. It don’t really matter since both the snakes and the crocodiles escape. And that is the whole meaning of the sequel.

Now we go to the neighboring “Clear Lake” where our escapees head to looking for food. And boy do they find it. A sorority is on the beach sunning and swimming. A couple frat boys are there too. I can hear the dinner bell now. And don’t forget the evil scientist and her minions.

"Lake Placid vs Anaconda" was released in 2015 and was directed by A. B. Stone. This SYFY channel feature is a crossover between the Lake Placid series and the Anaconda Series. It is the fifth installment in both their respective franchises. The film is also the last installment in the Anaconda series. It is followed by Lake Placid: Legacy (2018).

Our helicopter take down was due to a crocodile throwing a giant snake up in the air and hitting the chopper. As always lots of fun mayhem, body parts, blood and creatures exploding. Add this to your guilty pleasure pile of DVDs. Parents: again we have nudity and a sexual situation. There is some in all the Lake Placid movies except the first one.