"If we kill even one of them we’re making the world a lonelier place."

She’s baaaack! Reba (Yancy Butler), the trash talking poacher is now working for Fish and Game. How did THAT happen? Well, it appears that Reba made it out of grocery store. Fish and Game decided that she needed to be kept busy so she’d stop poaching. In the meantime it was determined that the crocodiles in the lake are rare so they need to be preserved. In order to do that they take over the lake as eminent domain and put a big electric fence around it to keep the crocs in. A sort of crocodile sanctuary.

So far so good until first some poachers, led by Jim Bickerman (Robert Englund), sneak into the compound. Bickerman believes that he was cheated by the government when they took over the family homestead to make the sanctuary for the crocs. Second the kid monitoring the gate hears a noise and goes into the compound accidentally leaving the gate open. Third a big bus full of kids drives into the preserve because the driver is distracted with his phone. See what distracted driving can cause? Now we have a full on chomp fest.

"Lake Placid: The Final Chapter" was released in 2012 and was directed by Don Michael Paul. By the look of the DVD cover you've pretty much figured that giant crocodiles have a fondness for bikini clad teenagers. Also known as "Lake Placid 4" it is the fourth in the series of Lake Placid movies and was suppose to be the last. However, two more movies were made after it. This one is a direct sequel as it picks up exactly where "Lake Placid 3" left off. It is the first Lake Placid movie with returning characters.

Robert Englund as Jim Bickerman is over the top as the wacko poacher. Yancy Butler as Reba is fabulous at the newly reformed Fish and Game lady. Elizabeth Rohm is great as the sheriff Giove. Everything else is just your basic monster movie with lots of blood and gore. The plot is just a bunch of crocs eating a bunch of people. Same old same old. But that’s why we love these movies.

Parents: As usual there is nudity and profanity in some scenes.