“My name is Nova Clarke. You killed my grandfather. Prepare to die.”

After the destruction caused by the global sharknados, Fin and his son Gil were sent back in time. They end up re-appearing during the time of the dinosaurs. Gil then disappears. It seems that due to issues with time travel people can go back in time only once, otherwise they disappear. Nova, Bryan and April show up to help him stop the first sharknado. Fin learns that Gil brought them back in time before they died. Fin has managed to bring back with him April’s cyborg head in a bag.

A meteorite storm occurs at the same time as the sharknado. They destroy the sharknado using meteorites to blow it up. Believing they have prevented the first sharknado the group then catapults forward in time and ends up in Camelot.

Another sharknado happens. It appears that Gil has been traveling through time searching for his parents and at every stop in time a sharknado happens. With the help of Merlin and Excalibur, which looks a lot like a chainsaw, the group manages to destroy the newest sharknado. When Fin drops April’s cyborg head the real April finds out about her future. Using the remnants of the sharknado the group again travels forward and ends up in Boston during the revolutionary war. Another sharknado threatens to destroy the American militia. It too needs to be dispatched. When the group is ready to go forward again Bryan decides to stay behind.

Their next jump brings them to the Wild West and a showdown between Billy the Kid and the local sheriff. The group is joined by Skye who was also saved by Gil when he was going backward in time. Now that Gil is going forward again he is unaware that his parents are actually following him. Gil is also in this time and since he is going forward he does not recognize anyone from his future. The group helps Gil leap forward in time before using cyborg April’s laser beam eyes to destroy the sharknado. They then create a portal using a train.

Their next stop is on a beach in the 50’s where they meet Fin’s parents, before they are his parents. Gil is once again ahead of them and has created a time capacitor and a ray gun to shoot sharks. With the ray gun Fin’s parents help to demolish the next sharknado. Nova uses the capacitor to send everyone to the time her grandfather died to try to save him. Instead she causes the death of herself and April, and causes cyborg April’s head to fall in the water and stay there.

Fin and Skye try to do another jump to 2013 but end up in the year 20013. They find everything destroyed and cyborg April is running the world. She is also really pissed off that no one came back for her head when it was at the bottom of the ocean. She wants to use Fin’s DNA to create cyborg babies. Fin manages to escape back in time. Apparently cyborg April managed to stabilize time travel so that he could. He ends up on Captain Santiago’s boat in 2013, the time of the first sharknado, and the first movie. This is now his last change to fix things.

“The Last Sharknado: It’s About Time” was released in 2018 and was directed by Anthony C. Ferrante. Well, this one does have a plot, but it’s quite abstract. This film seems to have centered more on the complex story than the number of stars or jokes that that were inserted. There are quite a number of them, but still nowhere near as many as ended up in each consecutive movie. This may be why it didn’t do as well with the critics than some of the other Sharknado films. Not as many drinking game opportunities so not as many drunk critics.

Whether the movie is good or not doesn’t really matter. It’s a movie about flying sharks and time travel. If you liked the schlock of the first few movies you may have a little difficulty with this one. It seems that there is always a problem with the last of any franchise. The writers try to tie everything together but sometimes it is at the expense of what made most people like the films in the first place. There was more of a need for explanations of the pseudoscience than for puns.

The film is still tasteless and truly appropriate for anyone with the mentality of a twelve year old. Even if it’s only temporarily.

Petunia the stuffed opossum is seen in Fin’s Bar.