"At least they’d never know what hit them."

There is a missile heading for earth. (It is suggested that the missile is from outer space.) A rocket is sent up by an eastern bloc country to try to divert it but the impact sends it into a low orbit around the earth. The missile is traveling over 4,000 miles an hour at about 5 miles above the earth with hydrogen drive. The temperature of the missile is one million degrees. As it passes, whatever is below, is basically vaporized. The United States has one hour to find a way to destroy it before it passes over New York City and basically wipes out the city. And after that the missile will keep going until the earth is vaporized.

The military of Canada and New York send up everything they can to try to blow the missile out of the sky. The hero of the story is Dr. David Loring (a very young Robert Loggia). He is a scientist who has been working on a new hydrogen rocket. He determines that the only hope the world has to destroy the missile is to send the untried “Jobe” rocket to intercept the alien missile before it’s too late. But is it enough?

"The Lost Missile" was released in 1958 and was directed by William Berke. I actually liked this movie. Unfortunately there are two things going against it that may send it into oblivion. First it’s from a small independent company. That means small budget special effects that aren’t very good and a lot of stock footage. Second other than copying it from the Turner Classic Movie Channel the only other outlet that I am aware of who has it is “Cheezy Flicks”. That means the quality is going to be crappy.

Despite those flaws the movie itself is worth seeing. It is a good movie but there is only a very bad print available so a lot of the reviews are negative due to the print quality not the substance of the movie. As far as I know this movie is in the public domain so until another company can find a better print we are pretty much stuck with what is out there. Presented in a documentary style the movie is fast paced and intense. It’s an edge of your seat kind of movie reminiscent of “Fail Safe”.