Goblin Shark Attack

An underwater earthquake releases prehistoric sharks. They start eating everybody. A second quake creates a tsunami that brings the sharks inland. OK Could happen. Of course there’s always someone who wants to capture one of the monsters instead of kill it. She gets eaten quick.

Anyway the tsunami and the sharks trap a bunch of people in a lifeguard tower. Most of them young and bikini clad and most of them either in a love triangle or just plain obnoxious. It's enough to make you root for the shark.

This is where it bogs down a little. After a long time along comes a skiff with the new boyfriend of one of the people trapped in the guard tower. They motor out and run out of gas. Again the pace bogs down a little. They drift till they get to a flooded underground basement. Here the pace picks up a little. But not much. This part reminds me a little of “Bait”, although the chainsaw vs shark was a nice touch. I felt a little sorry for the last monster shark. By then it was all out frenzy…. On the shark.

"Malibu Shark Attack" was released in 2009 and was directed by David Lister. This was 19th in the "Maneater series" of movies done by the SYFY channel. Usually they try to be a little more, well, if not dramatic than at least a little more serious than your basic SYFY channel movie. In that respect this movie was not as much fun as the usual campy, cheezy fare we have come to know and love.

Don’t get me wrong it still lacks things like a good script, good acting and decent CGI effects. After all it is still a “B” movie but I prefer my prehistoric shark vs beach goer movies a little more tongue in cheek. It was alright but with the name “Malibu Shark Attack” it could have used better pacing, a little more camp and an extra slice of cheeze.

The sharks in the movie are Goblin sharks. Actually they are not pre-historic just funny looking. They are rarely seen so why not use them as an antagonist. No one will know they aren't dinosaurs.