Mega Cheeze

On the Orinoco River in Venezuela a strain of genetically modified piranha escape a lab and end up in a tributary of the river. They end up swimming downstream. The modified piranha double in size every 36 hours, and they are hungry. They start eating everything. They eat a boat carrying diplomats. Then they eat the diplomats.

As the piranha make their way toward the ocean they keep getting bigger. The bigger they get the more they eat and the more damage they do. A Navy Seal, Jason Fitch (Paul Logan), is called in to fix the problem. Also on hand is a genetics researcher Sarah Monroe (Tiffany) who created the monsters and now must help to get rid of them before they reach the ocean.

"Mega Piranha" was released in 2010 and was directed by Eric Forsberg. This is an Asylum pictures film. If you were expecting something similar to the original “Piranha” movie by Roger Corman, John Sayles and Joe Dante. Don’t. This movie is a tongue in check horror/comedy movie made for the SYFY channel. That means dopey, lame, dumb and kinda fun.

The acting is bad and the dialogue cheezy. The CGI is on par with your basic “B” movie from SYFY channel. The quick cuts from scene to scene are supposed to denote action.

There are some boob shots in the beginning. And Barry Williams from “The Brady Bunch”. It’s one of those so stupid it’s funny movies. It may start out on the gross side but the bigger the piranha get, the funnier the movie gets. Think of it as more of a lame comedy with big hungry fish and you’ll do fine. I was OK with it but if you want something that’s more of a real horror movie go with the original “Piranha” from 1978 and “Piranha II” from 1981.