Mega shark vs crocosaurus

Second in the Mega Shark series is "Mega Shark vs Crocosaurus". Released in 2010 the film was directed by Christopher Ray and was produced by Asylum pictures. It is your basic “B” horror movie. There is some cheeze and lots of action but don’t expect too much more than that. The Crocosaurus shows up right at the get go, the Mega Shark not until far later. The story’s a little weak. The CGI is rudimentary. The acting is so-so.

I do like the personality of Nigel Putnam (Gary Stretch) the Aussie. He’s a combination of hard hearted, comedic and just dumb luck recipient. He is an opportunist at every turn. Lieutenant Dr. Terry McCormick (Jaleel White), on the other hand, is straight laced, by the book and looking for revenge for the death of his girlfriend due to the shark.

There is more of a battle between the Aussie and the lieutenant than between the shark and the croc. And it seems some history too. Add in a female FBI agent, Agent Hutchinson (Sarah Lievint), who is more referee than team leader and an over the top commander Admiral Clavin (Robert Picardo) and you have most of the players.

There isn’t a lot of blood or gore. These animals are too big to leave pieces of people. Anyone in the way is swallowed whole. It does seem that the Mega Shark does have a taste for crocodile eggs. Mother crocodile takes exception to that. The plan is to use a crocodile egg to lure both the shark and the crocodile into the Panama Canal. Once trapped in the canal the two can be disposed of at leisure. We'll see.

It also has the usual helicopter crash, however, in this one the sacrificial helicopter is not grabbed out of air but tail batted. There are explosions and fighting and, again, lots of action. It’s an OK movie. Not the best but not the worst. It’ll due on a rainy day when you need something to look at besides the four walls. Although, if you are a shark fanatic or a crocodile fanatic it will higher up on your list of must haves.