Economics 101

Wow. Big Big shark. Big Big robot. Renegade CIA agents chasing the robot. Renegade billionaire chasing the shark. US Navy in the middle.

The movie is basically two stories combined into one. The governments of the world are planning ahead in case another giant megalodon decides to come up from the ocean floor to wreak havoc. Of course one does. The giant shark is threatening the global economy. Meanwhile searching for a new energy source the Russians awaken a giant robot that is a doomsday weapon. What could be worse? How about adding a sociopath billionaire with delusions of grandeur who has sights on controlling both Kolossus and Mega Shark?

"Mega Shark vs Kolossus was released in 2015 and was directed by Christopher Ray. It is the fourth and last in the Mega Shark series. It is also a sequel. As with most, this vs that, type movies it takes a long time to get the two opponents together.

There is much action and intense music. Lots of really decent CGI considering it is a SY-FY channel “B” movie. There is a good amount of camp to go along with it. Basically a fun Saturday afternoon movie. Don’t expect good dialogue or great acting. Expect to be just plain entertained. Yes, there are some impossible and/or improbable situations but so are a giant shark and a giant robot. Don’t take it or yourself too seriously. Just watch with your tongue firmly in your cheek. After all that’s what you expected, Right?