Mega Meh

Third in the mega shark series is “Mega Shark vs “Mecha Shark” released in 2014 and directed by Emile Edwin Smith. Also produced by Asylum pictures as a “B” movie for television. If you don’t know by now a mega shark is actually a megalodon. In the third movie a new shark that was encased in an ice berg comes back to life when the berg melts due to it being towed to drought stricken Egypt for their water supply. The shark destroys a bunch of boats.

Meanwhile, at a research facility at Pearl Harbor scientists have created a mechanical shark (more of a submarine) to combat a mega shark should one appear. TA! DA! Here’s your shark.

Debbie Gibson, as Emma MacNeil, is in it. She still can’t act. Elizabeth Rohm, as Rosie Gray, is also in it. She can act. There isn’t much to the plot. There is also very limited confrontation between the two main characters, the real shark and the metal shark.

It’s standard stuff for the most part. The CGI is average. There is an interesting part at the end with the mecha shark but not enough to carry the whole movie. It’s OK not great. If you need something to watch on a lazy afternoon it will do the trick. Other than that…Nothing to see here. Move along.