"Never fear the heart of the snake"

During a snake worshiping ceremony Lester (Michael Shanks) and Duff (John T. Woods) Daniels’ father is bitten and dies. This creates a fear in Duff Daniels that lasts to adulthood. 20 years later Lester is visiting Screaming Hawk (Ben Cardinal), a Kitawa Native American. Duff sees an unusual snake that Screaming Hawk has in a jar. Duff doesn't have his brother's fear of snakes and wants to buy it. The Kitawan says the snake is not for sale and that it is a very dangerous snake called a Unteka.

Duff steals and accidentally releases the rare mythological snake into the wild. It grows, and grows, and grows, into “Mega Snake”. While growing it eats…well everything and everybody. You start with a cat, a dog, mom, picnickers etc. Put aside anything you think you know about snakes. This guy is a god. A real bad one.

Now Duff, his cop ex-girlfriend Erin (Siri Baruc) and Screaming Hawk are trying to put the genie back in the lamp so to speak.

Like “Gremlins”, only of the Reptilian sort, there are three rules to this dangerous creature. 1) Never let it out of the jar 2) Never let it eat anything living 3) Never fear the heart of the snake. All three rules are smashed to pieces. Like “Jaws” the mayor doesn’t want to postpone the county fair. That means it’s now open season on people and everyone is snake chow.

"Mega Snake" was released in 2007 and was directed by Tibor Takacs. It’s your basic SYFY channel “B” movie fodder. The acting is way over the top. The movie was made in Bulgaria so I guess it's Bulgaria’s view of what a redneck is. The CGI is so-so but that’s what a low budget movie is. The plot, way simple big snake eat everything.

It’s a fun fest of chomping and slithering. It you like big monster movies, and I do, this will give you your monster fix and you don’t have to bother with giving it too much thought. As a matter of fact don’t give it any thought at all. Just enjoy it for what it is. Fun campy cheeze. Think of it as the “Sharknado” of snakes. Only with one snake.