"God I’m a wacko magnet"

It's been four years since the incident deep in the subways of New York. Three men have been discovered mutilated, with their faces removed, and strung up among New York City's high-tension wires. Detective Klaski (Bruno Campos) stumbles upon a link. Each of the three men knew an entomologist named Remy Panos (Alix Koromzay). Remy is also a teacher at an inner-city high school. Klaski considers Remy to be a prime, but unlikely, suspect in the killings. Remy being small and high-tension wires being, well, high, how would she have gotten them up there. It's not until he witnesses for himself a shape-shifting creature stalking Remy that he begins to figure out what is going on.

Remi is a brilliant entomologist. She’s also a wackadoodle and part kickass. She is simple and complex all at the same time. She’s a beloved teacher but a hot mess when it comes to picking men. Her latest admirer is not exactly a man. It is the last remaining of an intelligent mutant insect known as the Judas breed. And it is sporting the face of its previous victim. It's ready to move on to its next evolutionary adaptation. It wants to mate with Remy.

Klaski, Remy and a pair of her students get trapped inside the school as the creature hunts them down. Remy gets separated and runs into the creature which does not harm her but instead seems to try to woo her. The creature attempts to give her pizza. Meanwhile, a special forces unit, headed by the militant leader known only as Darksuit (Edward Albert), gets ready to fumigate the school with poisonous gas.

"Mimic 2" was released in 2001 and was directed by Jean de Segonzac. This sequel to "Mimic" 1997 was a direct to video film. A minor character in the first movie, Remy is now front and center in this nightmare.

It’s not the classic that Mimic was, but it’s got its own dark brooding terror. There’s enough eeriness to keep you on your toes and the creature is just as frightening. It’s just as intense but freakier. Mimic 2 is interesting and entertaining but just a little different style.

I didn’t feel as though it was a stand alone movie. It felt like if you hadn’t seen the first movie you were a little lost on what the bug was all about. Some parts could be a little confusing. Lacking in information. There are some deleted scenes on the DVD that help to round out the story. I don’t know why they were deleted as they don’t interfere with the pace and actually add to the storyline. Still when things got going I couldn’t tear myself away from it.