Really cool title

This movie proves that fracking is bad for the environment. An American oil drilling company has set up an operation in Mongolia. They are pumping super heated water into the ground to release hidden oil from shale rock. They are fracking. Lately they have been experiencing problems with their equipment. The on site manager Patrick (Drew Waters) is worried that the delays will bring unwanted attention to the drill site. Patrick is digging for more than just oil.

The drilling and fracking has accidentally awakened a nest of giant killer worms thought to be only a myth. The death worm. All hell breaks loose in a country where all hell has already broken loose. There is a plague raging. There is a treasure hunter, Daniel (Sean Patrick Flanery), looking for the tomb of Genghis Khan. There are bad guys also looking for the tomb. There are smugglers willing to kill for their treasure while pretending to drill for oil. There is a village fighting over a goat. (whaa?) And there are Mongolian Death Worms. Everywhere. Legend has it they protect the treasure of Genghis Khan. As far as the worms are concerned the only plot aspect they are not in the middle of is the village fighting over the goat.

"Mongolian Death Worm" was released in 2010 and was directed by Steven R. Monroe. It is a SYFY channel quickie. The special effects are basic for a “B” movie. Since it is a made for TV movie you will not be seeing a lot of gore. As far as the size of the worms are concerned, well, they are worms so how big do they need to be? As always don’t expect fancy schmancy dialogue or acting. Although I thought the acting was decent, especially Sean Patrick Flanery’s character. And I absolutely love the sheriff.

As for the worms themselves there is anecdotal evidence that Mongolian Death Worms do or at least did exist so SYFY channel did not pull the concept out of thin air. Only everything else. Fine with me. It’s a decent monster movie with lots of blood and random massacring. Basically a good way to pass the time.