Anybody got a giant bug zapper?

Dr. Jennifer Allen (Musetta Vander) is a research scientist who is trying to find a cure for a disease known as the "Guinin virus". The disease comes from infected mosquitoes. She and her colleague Dr. Aaron Michaels (Jay Benedict) capture infected mosquitoes and give them small doses of radiation. The experiments must be closely controlled since too much radiation could result in something more devastating than the virus itself.

Allen and Michaels do their experiments on convicts that agree to be guinea pigs to get a reduced sentence. The latest guinea pig is named Ray Erikson (Matt Jordan). Erikson takes the opportunity to take a hostage and try to escape. The security guard opens fire and causes an explosion that showers Ray and Allen with the chemicals and the genetically altered mosquitoes. Ray manages to flee the scene.

Ray begins to transform into a giant mosquito-like man. In need of a continuous blood supply Ray goes on a killing spree and starts sucking people dry. Dr. Allen's boyfriend is Lt. Thomas Randall (Corin Nemec). When Ray starts on his rampage Randall gets the call. Randall knows who Ray is having been the one who arrested him and put him in jail in the first place. Randall and his partner Detective Charlie Morrison (Patrick Dreikauss) need to find him and stop his unquenchable thirst.

In the meantime Dr. Allen has problems of her own. She was also infected by the mutated mosquito DNA. She is also transforming but at a slower pace. The doctor wants to give Dr. Allen a blood transfusion to slow down the transformation. Allen knows that nothing can stop the mutation.

Allen is beginning to sense what Mosquitoman is sensing. She knows that once her transformation is complete he will be looking to fulfill his second need. The need to mate.

“MosquitoMan” AKA “Mansquito” (which to me is a better name) was released in 2005 and was directed by Tibor Takacs. This is a SYFY channel movie. And believe it or not, it's a good one. The movie is a throw back to your giant bug movies from the 50’s and 60’s. The only difference is that the giant bug is really a person, or once was. Think more “The Fly” instead of “Them”. This time around there’s more blood. This is your classic monster movie. Only with better acting. And a bigger body count. And a great mosquito costume. And it's in color. It’s everything I expected it to be. I loved it.

If you are a fan of classic “B” movie giant bug horror, this one’s for you.