Not your normal “B” movie

In WWII Nazi scientist Dr. Josef Mengele boarded a plane out of Germany. Along with him were other doctors and some soldiers. Also on board was a mysterious package. Allied forces attacked the plane but the Nazis managed to escape to parts unknown.

In present day Antarctica a group of researchers are attacked and abducted by a group of men wearing gas masks and sporting swastikas on their armbands. They are taken to a hidden compound hidden deep underground. There, they discover that Dr. Josef Mengele and a group of surviving Nazi soldiers are plotting the invasion of Earth. The Nazi survivors are a patchwork of decaying and regenerated flesh. They intend to create a Fourth Reich.

"Nazi's at the Center of the Earth" was released in 2012 and was directed by Joseph J. Lawson. It was produced by Asylum Studios. If you are looking for a fun night of good old fashioned Nazi zombies and cheesy special effects, boy did you pick the wrong movie. This movie was intense with lots of graphic stomach turning violence, extreme torture and scenes of very disturbing sexual violations. If you are not ready for such exploitative scenes it will be enough to make you queasy. This is definitely not for younger viewers.

There are a lot of your basic cheesy aspects don’t get me wrong. Just the name alone for one. So-so acting. Even more so-so special effects. Nazi zombies. A Nazi spaceship. Hitler’s head grafted onto a robot body that can shoot bullets and lasers. All the basic SY-FY channel fare you’ve come to love. However, these tame parts were offset by views of seeing someone whose skin is being pealed off with no anesthetic, someone’s brain being removed while they are still alive and a woman being violated by several walking Nazi corpses. Oh and lets not forget the abortion. Just to name a few.

I think that, in this case, combining the two aspects of cheese and horrific exploitation did not do either genre any good. Those who were looking for a good old fashion stupid “B” movie were grossed out and those looking for maximum exploitation and graphic horror felt cheated. I am of the former group. If you like more gross to your movies you may feel differently.