In a post apocalyptic world Lea (Linda Corwin) and her mate Marn (Paul Guzzi) are trying to survive. The world was destroyed by nuclear war. The effects have altered animals and humans to the point where dinosaur-like creatures roam the planet and mutant humans have turned into lizard like creatures with a thirst for blood and a hunger for raw flesh. In the ruins of Tromaville everyone either adapts or dies.

Marn and Lea are traveling the land. They end up at an ocean. After resting awhile and playing in the surf they continue on. Some humanoid lizard creatures are looking for shellfish by the ocean. Their leader is a mutant called Clon (Alex Pirnie). He sees Marn and Lea in the distance.

They attack Marn and leave him for dead. Lea they capture and take with them. An old man, who likes to recite “Jabberwocky”, finds Marn and patches him up. The next day Marn sets out to find Lea. When Clon and the lizard guys are occupied watching two dinosaur type creatures fight Lea slips away. She is found by a mutant wearing a hood over his face. He takes her in and feeds her.

Marn and Lea go through dangerous territory, while trying to avoid hideous monsters and ugly rapists, to try to get back to each other.

“A Nymphoid Barbarian in Dinosaur Hell” was released in 1990 and was directed by Brett Piper. The movie was made by Troma Entertainment. Quite often Troma’s titles are far more interesting than their movies. If you’re looking for anything nymphoid forget it. Lea is the only female in the movie. She wears a skimpy outfit and just about everybody tries to rape her, but no one succeeds. You will see a rather quick breast shot but she’s not exactly endowed.

What you will see are some really interesting weird mutant monsters. They aren’t exactly dinosaurs but they are creative. The creatures are done with stop motion and not all that badly. They were the best part of the movie. The lizard guys were OK, the mutant guys were OK and the monster creatures were fun.

Other than that the film was basically on the dull side. The acting doesn’t matter since dialogue is scarce. The plot is basically running through the woods avoiding bad stuff and trying not to die.

I actually saw this movie years ago on TV, only not with the breast shot. I’m sure they also cut out some of the really gory parts, but all the boring stuff was left in. I recommend it for the monsters only. Everything else about the movie just wasn’t all that interesting. Even poor Lea is on the skinny side. If you’re looking for a sexy body to look at you’re better off with “One Million Years BC” 1966. If you’re looking for really unusual monsters this is pretty decent.

The movie was filmed in Massachusetts and New Hampshire.