Never underestimate a hot marine biologist with a grenade launcher

On a small island off the coast of Belize, diver Jackson Slate (Brian Krause) is forced by local crime kingpin Tariq (Gildon Roland) to dive for lost Mayan gold. Jackson, along with a couple other divers detonates explosives at the bottom of the hole to get to where they believe the gold is. The explosion inadvertently releases a prehistoric dinosaur. The creature kills the other two divers. Jackson is knocked unconscious.

Meanwhile Rod (Steven Helmkamp) and Jane (Candice Nunes) are on vacation on the island. With their guide Henry (Berne Velasquez) they go snorkeling. They find Jackson floating in the water. The trip is cut short. Henry, Rod and Jane take Jackson to Henry's marine biologist friend Sarah (Anne McDaniels) for first aid.

Jackson has with him a gold coin. The group question him about it. Jackson explains about the gold and about Tariq. The group, except for Jane decide they now want to be treasure hunters and find the gold. The problem with this idea is that there is a giant voracious dinosaur swimming around that no one knows about. Jackson was unconscious when the creature began its feeding frenzy so these thrill seekers are wading into something a lot bigger than a hornets nest.

You take one dinosaur an ancient Mayan treasure, some treasure hunters, bikini clad swimmers, some Belize mobsters and you got yourself a movie.

"Poseidon Rex" was released in 2013 and was directed by Mark L. Lester. First you couldn’t go in the water because of the sharks. Then you couldn’t go in the water because of the piranha. Now you can’t go in the water because of the T-Rexes.

There are a few ways for dinosaurs to come back to life. Number 2 is a natural disaster such earthquake or volcano that releases them from suspended animation. This one was released from an underwater hibernation. Technically it’s not a T-Rex since it mostly swims under water but it will pursue you on land. Maybe that’s why he has arms that look like he’s wearing pirate gloves. Easier to swim that way.

One tip when being pursued by a dinosaur. If he passes you by, don’t try to distract him by calling him back to you. My favorite part is the baby dinosaur in the freezer.

The acting is bad. The dialogue crap. The action bogs down from time to time. The CGI is average for SYFY channel “B” movies. The dinosaur itself is interesting but it doesn’t blend well with either land or water. That being said, I’ve seen a lot worse than this and if you love dinosaur movies I’m sure you have too. It’s a really good bad movie. Not for connoisseurs of the dinosaur movie but right up my alley. Most people will hate it, but I'm not most people.