Primal Park. Come for drinks. Stay to be lunch…I mean for lunch.

First of all if a page from your girlie magazine floats into a sabretoothed cat pen. Get a new magazine. Do not go into the pen to retrieve it.

Rich guy Niles (Nicholas Bell) is building "The Valalola Resort Primal Park". Part of the park is a hotel and a zoo of exotic animals. Not just regular exotic animals. Niles creates Sabretoothed cats from DNA found in fossils to be part of his island zoo. Niles has a party and invites a lot of rich people hoping for investors for his park. The cats escape and start eating the potential investors. I like seeing snotty rich people get eaten by a sabretoothed cat.

A bunch of College kids are on a scavenger hunt on the island. Did I mention the cats escape? I like seeing stupid college kids get eaten by a sabretoothed cat.

"Attack of the Sabretooth" was released in 2005 and was directed by George Miller. For the most part I liked this movie. The CGI wasn’t as good as it was in "Sabretooth" 2002 but it wasn’t bad and you did have double the teeth. Or even two and a half times the teeth since the third cat wasn’t as fast but still had the chops for it. There’s the prerequisite lots of blood and gore along with a few beheadings and limb removals. All the stuff I look for in a horror movie. It’s mindless gross entertainment. There was some cheese and campy acting. I was ok with that too. We are still talking SYFY movie channel “B” movie so you need to expect it.