Is it a bird? Is it a plane?

A dormant volcano in the Turkish forest holds a nest of perfectly preserved pterodactyl eggs. An earthquake exposes the eggs. They hatch.

Two months later a trio of hunters are attacked and killed. Michael (Cameron Daddo), and Kate (Amy Sloan), are leading a group of teenagers on a combination science expedition and camping trip in the Turkish forest. They are looking for fossils. The students are Gwen (Danna Lee), Jason (Howard Lotker), Willis (Steve Braun), and Angie (Mircea Monroe). While exploring they find a dead pterodactyl and mounds of pterodactyl feces.

Also in the forest is Captain Bergen (Coolio). He and his squad sneak into a Russian camp and capture a terrorist named Clarke, (Todd Kramer). Bergen is aware that the teenagers are in the forest. And so are the other terrorists. The Russian's attack the campers. The pterodactyls attack the Russians and the special forces save the teenagers. At least for awhile.

Normally you would not find much to eat in the forests of Turkey. Luckily for our creatures of the sky between the expedition of students and the special ops unit there’s a bounty available. The two incompatible teams must band together to try to survive…lunch. But wait…don’t forget dessert. Here we have a generous helping of terrorists. Yum.

"Pterodactyl" was released in 2005 and was directed by Mark L. Lester. I absolutely love Pterodactyls. There’s something about a flying dinosaur that is both beautiful and creepy at the same time. They can soar with ease looking majestic and regal…until the swoop down and pull your head off with their talons.

The second way that extinct creatures come back to life is the natural disaster that awakens them in some way. Here the earthquake exposed the eggs that had laid dormant for millions of years and are, miraculously, still viable. The eggs start to hatch and soon there are a plethora of Pterodactyls that have worked up quite an appetite.

I loved this movie. There are a lot of Pterodactyls so naturally there is a lot of gore and blood. The body count is high. It’s all the things you expect from a horror movie. There are Great looking monsters and lots of action. The characters and the dialogue are weak, and they are not real memorable so don’t expect great performances by the cast. They are incidental to the real stars of the movie anyway. Suffice it to say, action movie lovers, horror movie lovers, dinosaur lovers, Pterodactyl lovers, this is your movie.