When you’re Queen you can be a little crabby. A lonely little girl named Melissa (Liberty Asbury) finds a fresh water crab in the pond in back of her house. She keeps as a pet and visits it in the pond bringing it little treats. Her father is a scientist and is working on a nutrient to make food grow bigger. (Shades of “Tarantula”) His current experiment is on grapes. The little girl feeds some grapes to her crab that her father has used the nutrient on. The crab starts to grow. An accident occurs and the lab blows up killing the parents.

The little girl grows up. The crab grows up too. The girl is now an adult (Michelle Simone Miller). Melissa basically a hermit. She minds her own business and likes her privacy. When the crab starts laying eggs is when the problems and the killing begins.

"Queen Crab" was released in 2015 and was directed by Brett Piper. This movie was produced by the “Polonia Brothers Entertainment” production company. If you know anything about that company it is the same one that brought you “Sharkenstein”. They are notorious for really bad low budget movies. And I mean not just low budget but really bad low budget. The budget for “Queen Crab” was about $75,000. They are also notorious for using actors with no talent and have really bad dialogue and special effects. They also specialize in ripping off block buster movies and even not so block buster movies and taking them a step lower. They are at the very least an acquired taste.

The information on the DVD cover is incorrect. There is no meteor, nor is the crab centuries old. And although it does use stop motion animation it is nothing like Ray Harryhausen stop motion. Although considering the budget it was decent.

Believe it or not I’ve seen worse. Either that or I’ve gotten numb watching too many bad movies. The crab itself is a combination of stop motion, CGI and back screen. And it was a better actor than the people. I actually felt sorry for it. I certainly liked it better than any of the other characters. Alright I'll admit it. I cut this movie a lot of slack. I loved the stupid crab. The acting was horrendous. The characters flat. The story lame. The dialogue stupid. And not in a good way. Even the special effects had some issues at times. I would have also preferred more crab and less people. Just like Melissa. Everything about the movie was boring, boring, boring, except the crab.

It’s not a great movie. Not even a really good movie but there is something about it that I liked. OK we know what I liked. I liked the giant crab. It’s not for everyone but I’m sure there’s a cult out there that appreciates low budget bad movies. So… here ya go.