There is something in the swamp. Something evil that moves silently with nasty dispositions. They are big, killing machines with mouths full of large teeth and a voracious appetite.

Two escaped convicts in the swamp are being chased by police. Everyone dies except the convicts.

Meanwhile a canoe club decides to explore the swamp.

Also nearby, four college students are trying to earn extra credit from their biology professor Dr. Soren Abramson (Simon Page) by doing research in the Everglades. Dr. Abramson is aware of the eels since he is the one that made them.

The local Animal Control agent Delmar Coates (Douglas Swander) is searching for a missing dog with his ex-wife Sheriff Ruth Gainey-Coates (Kathleen LaGue). They find the remains of the animal.

When the community realizes they have been invaded by exotic eels sheriff Gainey-Coates organizes a search party for the criminals and the creatures. Add in some good old boys that have their own ideas about how to handle what is going on.

Can you say buffet?

"Razortooth" was released in 2007 and was directed by Patricia Harrington. The film looks pretty much like it sounds. A snake-like creature with black bug eyes and nothing else but lots and lots of pointed teeth. Now I have heard that this movie is based on a true story concerning exotic eels that come from Asia and are released in Southern United States. They can breathe air and move on land. I suspect that the only part of this movie that is real are the exotic eels. By exotic I mean not native to a particular area. Yes there are Asian Swamp Eels in places like Texas and the Florida everglades. Nothing else can be confirmed.

In basic “B” movie Sy-Fy channel fashion the eels have a voracious appetite and violently eat… just about everyone and everything. Lots of gore in this one and lots of body parts. The CGI eels are on par for this kind of movie. The action is all over the place. It’s a good time for anyone who likes gross. It’s campy, it’s stupid, it’s horror movie fun. If you are looking for anything deeper than that then you should not be watching “B” movies.