Rise of the gargoyles

Paris, France. An old church is being demolished that had been built on top of another more ancient church. Two workers try to steal whatever they can find from the ancient ruins. In the process they release something that kills them and then goes on killing. A real live gargoyle, locked away long ago in the confines of the church, is now free.

Enter a professor, Jack Randall (Eric Balfour), who is an architectural historian that visits the church late at night with his friend Carol Beckman (Tanya Clarke). They are collecting artifacts and taking pictures. Something attacks them but they manage to escape. Later Carol is one of the victims.

Enter French police Inspector Gibert (Ifan Haw Dafydd) who believes that the professor and not an animal is to blame for all the murders that are happening. He too is targeted.

Enter reporter Nicole Ricard (Caroline Neron) and camera man Walsh (Justin Salinger) who specialize in stories of UFOs and Bigfoot.

Enter a half crazy priest Father Gable (Nick Mancuso) that is aware of the gargoyle.

What follows is lots of shadows. Lots of blood thrown against walls. And the dead keep piling up. It’s up to this small band of believers to destroy the creature.

"Rise of the Gargoyles: Maneater Series" was released in 2009 and was directed by Bill Corcoran. You didn’t see a lot of the gargoyle but there was still plenty of gore. It appears the monster only comes to life at night. Despite that it was decent for a made for TV “B” movie as part of the Maneater series for the SYFY channel.