Stella!!! Stella!!!

An experimental rocket develops trouble and crashes back to Earth. The rocket lands in the Crocodile paddock of a local zoo. Nano robots from the ship are released. The are inhaled by a large Crocodile named Stella. The nanos mess with Stella’s chemistry and alters her DNA. Stella slowly begins turning into metal. Intelligent metal. The Croc escapes from her enclosure. The nanos also program Stella to do one thing. Kill.

Good guy Duffy (Corin Nemec) is the head zoo keeper. When he realizes that Stella escaped he begins a search to recover the croc. The military suddenly appear looking for their rocket. Colonel Montgomery (Steven Hartley) is in charge of the military detail. Sociopath Riley (Dee Wallace) is a special government agent in charge of the project that created the nanobots.

Next to the zoo is a water park. Frolicking in it are the usual batch of bikini clad teens. Plenty of tidbits for Stella to nosh on. There is the usual mayhem and blood. Lots and lots of mayhem.

As for the main players Dee Wallace is insane and will do anything to keep her experiment from being killed. Corin Nemec acting like an ego pumped jock is more of a nerd than he tries to appear. He utters my favorite line from the movie: "What in a croc’s cooch are you doing here?"

"Robo Croc" was released in 2013 and was directed by Arthur Sinclair. You The special effects were decent for a SYFY channel movie. I liked the way the crocodile slowly turned more and more to metal each time you saw it. There were tons of victims but you saw most of them after the fact.

There was the standard monster takes down a helicopter scene. You can predict when that will happen. I’m not sure if that is a SYFY channel thing or if it’s now in the public domain. Then there is the save the kids scene and the hunt through the sewer scene. I would consider it your basic cookie cutter monster movie. That's not necessarily a bad thing. You know what you're getting. It’s everything you’d expect from a “B” monster movie although I would have like more on screen mayhem. Otherwise I liked it. It's not great, just typical.