They aint no inch worms

In Afghanistan, a special forces team led by Lt Richard Stanley (Jason Gedrick) is on a missing to oust the Taliban from an area. They get ambushed by the Taliban and are tied up. The Taliban want to ransom them for both money and the release of some prisoners. While they are tied up an blindfolded an explosion and earthquake shakes the area. Screams are then hear. The frightened soldiers are incapacitated and have no idea what is going on. After the final screams die down there is nothing but silence.

They manage to untie themselves and look around. All that remains of the Taliban is pieces and blood. The soldiers head for a rendezvous point and the chopper that is suppose to take them out of the area. Suddenly a serpent-like creature bursts through the dirt and grabs the chopper making it crash.

The Earthquake has awakened giant pre-historic serpent-like worms from deep in the Earth. With sensitive hearing the soldiers are aware that any loud noise will bring on a nasty worm. With no quick way out the soldiers are forced to trek across desert and avoid both Taliban forces and giant Hungry worms.

"Sand Serpents: maneater series" was released in 2009 and was directed by Jeff Renfroe. This is a SYFY channel movie. The film starts a little slow but eventually things start to pick up. There is the SYFY special, the prerequisite monster pulls the helicopter out of the sky trick.

Things bog down from time to time. There’s one obnoxious soldier that whines a lot and a few other stock characters. There is a little more shooting and some explosions. I would have liked to see more of the serpents, but when they did show up I felt they were impressive. The ending was also impressive. The best part about the movie was lots of dead Taliban. The acting and special effects were fine considering it is “B” movie matrial.

If you like monsters this one has them so you should find it right up your alley. If you are looking for something deeper you won’t find it. It’s not tremors but neither does it have tremors budget or cast. Still it was enjoyable enough to pass the time.