“You’re gonna need a bigger beach Angus.”

An underwater earthquake opens a crack in the ocean floor. Pre-historic sand sharks are released. The Island of White Sands has been experiencing some financial issues lately. Mayor Greenburg (Edgar Allan Poe IV) decides that a party is in order. His son is Jimmy Green (Corin Nemec). Jimmy is a slimy events planner. Jimmy has big plans for White Sands.

John Stone (Eric Scott Woods) is the local sheriff. He is busy trying to deal with some recent deaths. He believes the victims were murdered. His sister is Deputy Brenda Stone (Vanessa Evigan). She disagrees. She believes it was sharks but not John. Years ago John lost his wife and daughter to sharks. He refuses to believes that an event like that could happen again. Brenda calls a shark expert Sandy Powers (Brooke Hogan).

"Sand Sharks" was released in 2012 and was directed by Mark Atkins. With a cockamamie name like “Sand Sharks” if you expected anything other than crap you don’t know movies.

It features Brooke Hogan who is Hulk Hogan’s daughter and famous for being famous, Vanessa Evigan (Greg Evigan’s daughter) and Corin Nemec who I like but I think is miscast here as a rich prick. (Although I started to like his acting a little better when got off his high horse.)

The aim is funny campy schlock with a gross twist. I think they aimed a little too high. They got stupid brainless dumb. But they did get the gross right. OK I can deal with that. I can also deal with the not so great CGI. That goes without saying on a “B” movie. It wasn’t my favorite but I didn’t hate it. And it got a little better as it went on. It’s full of dumb cheezy jokes and sight gags, not to mention every Shark movie trope on the planet. It’s pure weapons grade corn. In most instances you will either hate it or love it.

There is such a thing as a sand shark, but it doesn't swim in the sand. Real sand sharks are basically docile and nonaggressive.