For a sea beast it sure does love land.

During a storm at sea a seaman on a fishing boat is attacked by a monster and pulled overboard. The beast follows the boat back to the marina. The monster has the ability to make itself invisible whenever it wants. The creature, having developed a taste for people, comes on land and starts eating everyone in sight.

Will McKenna (Corin Nemec) is a fisherman. Fishing has been bad. At least for people. Fishing has been good for Sea Beasts that are fishing for people. Arden (Camille Sullivan) is a scientist who comes to town to find out what is going on. The beast has decided that this little village would be a good place to lay her eggs and raise her babies. After all there is plenty of food here. Arden teams up with Will to deal with the problem of the Sea Beast that wouldn't go away. And all the little sea beasts. Now here is where I lose focus. Where is papa sea beast? Apparently he is an absentee father.

"Sea Beast: maneater series" was released in 2009 and was directed by Paul Ziller. Overall I was pleased with the movie. All the basics were there. Monster, blood, people body parts. There were drawbacks as there usually are with “B” movies. Acting OK, Special effects OK. Yes it was a little derivative. But if all you’re looking for is a decent monster movie then… here ya go. Most of the time the movie is your basic monster horror flick with people getting eaten. The monster itself was good. Extra long tongue for strangling people. Green venom spit to paralyze its victims. Sharp teeth, the better to chew you with my dear.

What I did find somewhat disturbing were the times where people were hit with the paralyzing venom and were still aware with their eyes open when the creatures started to eat them. That did unsettle me a little. Especially the young girl on the beach who is paralyzed and watching as the baby sea monsters eat her. If you have issues with that idea then you may want to close your eyes when it starts. Otherwise there are lots of small monsters running amok and one big mama monster.

Now if all this sounds a little familiar to you, it could be because you've seen "Loch Ness Terror" 2008 AKA "Beyond Loch Ness". Also written and directed by Paul Ziller, and made for the SYFY channel. It is, for the most part, the same movie. The major differences are the beginning and the look of the monster. The monster in "Sea Beast" is creepy and related to the angler fish. The monster in "Loch Ness Terror" is adorable and related to Nessie. Both movies were released the same year.

Despite its flaws, and the deja vu, I was happy with my viewing experience. I got what I expected. A “B” grade monster movie created for TV. Oh. And Corin Nemec if you’re interested.