Not just one shark, but a whole shit load.

Hamilton Lux (Armand Assante) is a rich real estate and a wheeler/dealer. He has big plans for a quaint little seaside village called Full Moon Bay. He wants to develop the property into a playground for the rich and famous. That's what he does. One fly in the ointment is Daniel Wilder (John Schneider) and his wife Brooke (Daryl Hannah). Daniel is a lifelong fisherman and resident of the town. He owns the property where Lux wants to build high-priced condos. Daniel does not want to sell.

To try to force him out Lux secretly laces the local waters with a toxin that is deadly to marine life. With the fishing industry destroyed Lux believes Daniel will either lose his business or sell. One side effect to the toxin is that it doesn't kill sharks. Instead it increases their aggression, and their appetite turning them into monsters. It also causes them to swarm in typical shark frenzy. With the fish population decimated the hungry sharks resort to other forms of food. People.

Lux uses his influence with the media to spin the attacks as random incidents. Daniel's brother Phillip (Roark Critchlow) is a marine biologist. Together with an E.P. A. agent Professor Bill Girdler (F. Murray Abraham) must expose Lux's devious plan and find a way to destroy the killer sharks.

"Shark Swarm: maneater series" was released in 2008 and was directed by James A. Contner. OK, OK, not Jaws but then, it’s not supposed to be. “Shark Swarm” is your basic “B” movie from the SYFY channel. You have bad guy and henchmen. You have a good guy hold out. And you have extremely aggressive sharks that start to…swarm. Get it? The swarm starts eating everybody in sight, or smell.

The effects were decent. There were a lot of veteran actors in the movie so the acting was fine. The story was meh, but you don’t watch shark movies for the story, especially cheap ones. The movie was a little long. If you love shark movies than you get your money’s worth since there is a lot of swarming going on.

There’s not much else to say. All the bad guys get eaten. All the good guys don’t. Lots of different kinds of sharks. It’s good for a rainy afternoon when you want something that is not going to tax you too much as long as you don’t concentrate too much on the dialogue or the premise of the movie. Just sit back and enjoy the frenzy.

Part 1

Part 2