“It’s Alive! It’s Alive!”

During WWII Nazi doctor and mad scientist Klaus (Jeff Kirkendall), with the worst German accent I've ever heard, is doing experiments with sharks. He is trying to weaponize them to fight in the war against the allies. When his experiments are found the Nazi's shut down the project. Years later the mad scientist is still working on his project in secret, in the United States. 60 years later he is still trying to perfect his creation.

Madge (Greta Volkova), Coop (Titus Himmelberger) and Skip (James Carolus) are three college kids, that that look like they are parents of college kids are on their way to the shore to have some fun in the sun. A little swimming, a little boating. While they are in the middle of having fun they are kidnapped by Klaus the Nazi doctor.

Klaus makes the kids assist him with his experiment. He says he will release them once he is done. The kids have no choice but to go along with what Klaus tells them to do. Klaus tells the old kids about his experiments. He has saved the brain and heart of Hitler. He plans to put them into a home made shark using kitchen knives and a pair of scissors. Before he uses Hitler's organs he experiments using the brain and heart of Frankenstein's monster first.

Success. The creature comes to life. And then it goes berserk. The shark heads for the marina. It leaps out of the water and is struck by lightning. The lightning causes the shark to grow legs and be able to breathe out of water. The shark runs down the dock and begins eating people and I believe it rapes an old porn star named Bonnie Boom Boom (Kathyrn Sue Young). The villagers are outraged. It is now mob mentality.

"Sharkenstein" was released in 2016 and is the product of Mark Polonia. If you like crappy movies with the worst CGI and puppetry you’ve ever seen plus no talent actors reciting the worst dialogue you’ve ever heard… then have I got a movie for you.

Actually the idea is wild and making the beginning in black and white was a clever nuance to the picture. I have to say that the opening was actually pretty good. Other than that it was the worst piece of garbage I’ve ever seen. I laughed all the way through it. It was hysterical. Mark Polonia meant for the movie to be funny mindless entertainment. In that way he succeeded. I would have given it more credit but Mark was 48 when he made this and was old enough to know better.