It’s been 5 years since the last sharknado hit the United States, but now….They’re back!!!

After the death of his wife April (Tara Reid), Fin Shepard (Ian Zierling) is living a quiet life on a Kansas farm called "April Acres" with his mother Raye (Cheryl Tiegs) and son Gil (Christopher and Nicholas Stone). Fin's son Matt (Cody Linley) is getting married to Gabrielle (Imani A. Hakim). Fin travels to Las Vegas for a family reunion.

Tech mogul Aston Reynolds (Tommy Davidson), with his company Astro-X has developed a technology that is capable of using radio waves to diffuse tornadoes, leading to the end of the sharknado phenomenon. He has also created a shark themed hotel featuring a big tank with lots of sharks in it. Unfortunately a sandstorm comes up that the Astro-X technology can not stabilize. The sandstorm sucks up the water and sharks and turns into a full fledged sharknado. Fin and his family are again forced to weather the sharknado phenomenon.

Mad scientist, and April's father, Wilford (Gary Busey) has reconstructed April as a cyborg. April cyborg believes Fin and family are dead. Eventually Fin and cyborg April will meet but not until all hell breaks loose, again.

There is so much crap going on that you can't keep track. Boulder Dam is taken out, the Grand Canyon is blown up. Again we have the cameos and the movie and TV references, and of course the cheeze. We also have a sandnado, bouldernado, oilnado, firenado, electricalnado, cownado, lavanado, hailnado? Anything you can throw up into the air is a “nado”. And they are all going across the midlands from Las Vegas to Niagra Falls.

There is no point in talking about plot or character development. There ain’t any. As for dialogue it’s pretty much every one-liner you can think of for every other movie made. As for action it is non-stop. As for special effects, just about everything is a special effect so you get your money’s worth with that.

As an aside, I was wondering when they would get to a reference of Gunnar Hansen, famous for “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre”. He was the original chainsaw slinger so an homage to him had to come along eventually, especially since Fin Shepard’s favorite weapon is, of course, the chainsaw.

Just as a warning: This one is cornier than all of the last three put together.

"Petunia" the stuffed opossum appears once again. She can be seen in the "chainsaw shop" during the Texas Chainsaw homage. Director Anthony Ferrante appears as Fenwick. "At the end of Sharknado 3" fans were allowed to determine if Tara Reid's character April would survive or not via a twitter campaign using the hashtags "#AprilLives" or "#AprilDies".