Global Swarming. Of course that is the next logical step.

Fin (Ian Zierling), April (Tara Reid) and their son Gil (Billy Barratt) attend a NATO meeting in London concerning the return of the sharknado phenomenon. In the meantime, Nova investigates a temple hidden beneath Stonehenge. Nova contacts Fin asking him to come. They discover a shrine underneath the monoliths dedicated to an ancient shark god. They find an artifact that they take with them.

In taking the artifact they have unleashed a new kind of sharknado. This new evil has a dimensional vortex inside it. The sharknado heads for London. Fin and the Buckingham Palace guards defeat it. They survive, however Gil is sucked up into the storm and vanishes.

Gil is still alive inside the vortex. He is wearing a special helmet that had been given to him by some British scientists. From here it gets a little involved. There are other sharknados and vortexes that teleport Fin and fighters to different countries all over the world. There is much devastation and cyborg April sustains some damage. There is a sharkzilla in Tokyo and the potential of a global sharknado that would engulf the world.

The phenomena called “Sharknado” has spread exponentially. And because of the cult following to these movies so has the budget to make them. The budget for the first Sharknado movie was around $1,000,000. Not bad for what is actually a “B” movie made for the SYFY channel. By the time Sharknado 5 is made the budget is approximately $3,000,000. This proves the axiom, “if you love it they will keep on making it.” I’d like to know how much Xfinity put into the movies since product placement seems to have them front and center in this franchise.

Again the many TV and movie references keep coming. Plus don’t forget the multitude of cameos, however, I think a lot of them in this picture are famous from all over the world so they may not all be familiar to Americans. Still there are plenty of things to base a drinking game on. As for my favorite cameos Fabio as the pope? Sure. Charo as the Queen of England? Ok with me. Dolph Lundgren as Ian Ziering’s son? I can see that.

Anyway, back to the drinking games. I can think of a few. Name that TV show or that Movie reference. How many one liners can you identify recited that are from other movies? Name that former star. Name that type of shark. How many ways can you kill a shark? How many ways can a shark kill you? If you’re still sober how many games can you come up with? You should exercise caution though or you could risk either alcohol poisoning or liver failure.

Director Anthony Ferrante plays Dundee and Petunia the stuffed opossum makes a couple of cameo appearances. Once on a poster for "Petunia Cerveza" at the bar in Rio and then again in Old Fin's Hummer. One last note. I do have a couple questions that plague me from time to time. Why is it they keep trying to kill off April every movie and why Petunia?