Radio active snakes?

On a remote jungle island in the Pacific Dr. Andrea Swanson (Krista Allen) is developing a new breed of snake. Along with her assistant Jake Goldin (Louis Mandylor) they are tasked by the government to develop a multipurpose anti-toxin. Experimental testing is halted due to the presence of rising tension with China's military. Admiral Bradley Wallace (Tom Berenger) orders that the island be evacuated immediately.

The only available transport is an old submarine that has been decommissioned and is on its way to its final resting place in Taiwan. Lt Commander James O'Neill (Luke Perry) is the tight-ass commander assigned to bring in the sub and babysit the scientific team. Along with the team are four of the experimental snakes.

Ceasing an opportunity to make a fast buck, Andrea's stupid research assistant, Jake, smuggles on board 20 of the deadlier snakes. One of the nastier creatures is a huge diamond back rattler. Above them the Chinese Navy is holding maneuvers. When a Chinese vessel attacks the sub the contraband snakes are accidently released. Instant 'snakes on a sub'. Two of them begin to grow exponentially.

"Silent Venom" was released in 2009 and was directed by Fred Olen Ray. The beginning of movie depicts this huge snake swallowing a guy whole. Looks good right? Giant snakes? Not really. It’s just a tease. Most of the snakes are regular size. It is just two that get really big.

Luke Perry as the Captain of the submarine tries to play his part as authoritative but he comes off wooden. The snakes are just snakes except for the big ones. Those are CGI. There’s really nothing else going on. A little drama but no guts, no gore. Just a bunch of snakes slinking along. The only real action is when one of the big ones tries to attack the captain and that happens towards the end. It’s an OK movie but I prefer my creatures supersized. If you are deathly afraid of snakes you may have a hard time with it. Otherwise it’s watchable but not memorable.