Not batty enough

A supposedly elite unit of soldiers is deep in the woods of Chechnya looking for a doctor Walsh who is suppose to be a weapons specialist. What they find are genetically altered bats that eat people. Sounds good. My kind of movie.

Unfortunately 10 minutes into it I was beginning to see why there were so many blah reviews. Instead of seeing lots of bat attacks I saw lots of testosterone filled soldiers puffing and strutting.

The doctor was a pompous ass sicko and of course gets what he deserves. There was also one Rambo type soldier that killed as many people as the bats did. The bats seemed to be secondary to the main plot of the movie.

The bat attacks that did happen were mostly fast and blurry. There was one scene where the bats were hanging in the trees overhead similar to the scene in “The Birds” where the birds are on the jungle gym behind Tippi Hedren’s head. That was one of two interesting scenes and that one was a rip-off another movie. The other scene was when the bats took down a helicopter. That was cool.

Other than that, as far as monster movies are concerned, it was disappointing. It was more of a soldier movie with killer bats instead of a killer bat movie with soldiers. I was looking for something similar to the first bat movie with Lou Diamond Phillips but unfortunately this did not deliver.