Mars is at war with the Arcturians. The Imperial Atomic Space Navy has sustained serious casualties. Battle Group Seven has consistently been subject to most of these fatalities. By order of his imperial majesty all ships have been equipped with Enforcer drones to ensure that all warriors perform as they should. Any weak links in the command chain will be eliminated.

On Earth it is Halloween. Sheriff Sam Hoxly (Douglas Barr) and his daughter Kathy (Ariana Richards) are new to Big Bean, Illinois. Sam has to work so Kathy will be trick or treating with several local kids and monitored by Mrs. Vanderspool (Patrika Darbo). Deputy Russell Pillsbury (Fred Applegate) is manning the local speed trap. Most other residents are going to the local pot luck dinner. The DJ at the local radio station, WELZ, puts on the 1938 Halloween rebroadcast of “The War of the Worlds” by Orson Welles.

In space a small crew of nitwit Martians picks up the broadcast and believes that Mars is invading Earth. The crew of five consists of pilot Blaznee, (Kevin Thompson) Captain Bipto (Jimmy Briscoe), Lieutenant Giggywig (Tommy Madden), Corporal Pez (Tony Cox) and science officer Dr. Ziplock (Debbie Lee Carrington). They decide to join the invasion.

After speeding past Deputy Pillsbury going three thousand miles an hour they land in the barn of farmer Wrenchmuller (Royal Dano). While Blaznee stays with the ship the rest of the Martians venture out to join the battle with their robotic scout-in-a-can. Captain Bipto gets hit by a speeding car belonging to a greasy land developer named Steve Klembecker (Gregg Berger). He ends up being peeled off by Vern Pillsbury (Wayne Alexander), the attendant at the local gas station. Bipto proceeds to turn Vern into a robotic slave. The remaining three Martians, who are about four feet tall, are mistaken for children and are taken trick or treating by Mrs. Vanderspool.

Eventually town residents begin to realize that there are indeed Martians running around the town of Big Bean. The Martians eventually understand that they are the sum total of the Martian invasion. When trying to blow up the town corn silo results in nothing more than tons of popcorn, the Martians are more than ready to give up and go home. Their spaceship, however, has suffered some major damage. Fortunately Kathy and a small band of Earth people have managed to make friends with the smart talking aliens and try to assist them in making repairs. The major stumbling block for all involved is that persistent Enforcer drone that is ready to annihilate everybody.

“Spaced Invaders” was released in 1990 and was directed by Patrick Read Johnson. It is a science fiction comedy film.

The movie was basically silly but entertaining. It’s great for kids but it’s got some humor geared more for adults. It’s not trashy humor but some of the jokes may go over kid’s heads. Still there is enough ridiculous and campy absurdity to keep most people amused. In a way it’s an homage to science fiction movies but with sight gags, one liners and much ridiculousness.

Kathy Hoxly was played by Ariana Richards. She also played Lex in “Jurassic Park” 1993 and Mindy in “Tremors” 1990.

The voices of the Martian aliens are: Kevin Thompson as Blaznee, Jeff Winkless as Captain Bipto, Tony Pope as Corporal Pez, Joe Alaskey as Dr. Ziplock and Bruce Lanoil as Lieutenant Giggywig. The voice of the Enforcer Drone was done by Patrick Read Johnson.