Pass the cheese please

NASA is prepping a space shuttle. One of the experiments that goes aboard is a rare breed of spider that has been injected with an unusual substance. The spider is place aboard the shuttle and the shuttle is launched. A freak meteor shower hits the shuttle. The shuttle returns to Earth and crashes. There is one survivor. He is taken to a secret lab in the California desert. The survivor isn't alone.

News reports say the space shuttle burned up in reentry. It actually crashes in front of a conspiracy theorist, Marci Eyre(Lana Parrilla), and friends Slick (Oliver Macready) and Jake (Nick Swarts). They check out the ship. On board all are dead, almost. Not due to the crash but due to an experiment gone awry. When the military come to take away the survivor the three hide in a truck that unknowingly takes them to the secret lab.

The lab has been doing experiments with alien DNA. The survivor was injected by the experimental spider. The survivor is a now host to an alien/spider egg. The egg hatches. The resulting hybrid spider monster runs amok.

"Spiders" was released in 2000 and was directed by Gary Jones. The movie starts out plain, almost amusing. However, when the spider egg hatches (from the survivor’s mouth) the resulting spider keeps growing. This is where it goes from amusing to all out camp. As the spider grows it goes from camp to delicious cheeze.

This is “B” movie fun. It’s fast paced. The CGI is bad which is what you would expect from a “B” movie. The acting is decent and there is a fair amount of over acting which adds to the fun. Then there’s the gun fire, the explosions, the running and the screaming. Perfect. If you like your cheeze extra thick, you will love this movie.