What has eight legs and attitude?

Jason (Greg Cromer) and Alexandra (Stephanie Niznik) are sailing. A storm damages their boat and they are picked up by Captain Bigelow (Daniel Quinn). The ship that rescues them is a hospital ship. Also on board is an insane doctor, Dr. Gerbac (Richard Moll).

Dr. Gerbac has a giant spider and he collects people to use as wombs for the giant spider to deposit its eggs, thus creating other giant spiders. It appears the doctor is trying to splice spiders and humans to make people disease free. Of course it’s fine to kill a bunch of people to do it.

Now that Jason and Alexandra are basically stuck in this insane nightmare, the doctor wants to use them as more wombs for testing.

"Spiders II: Breeding Ground" was released in 2001 and was directed by Sam Firstenberg. The plot is fine as far as horror movies go but but it takes half the movie to get to the mayhem. Once the giant spiders get loose there is plenty of mayhem and grossness it just takes forever to get there. I will say that the last part of the movie did redeem itself to the point where I was OK with it.

A couple other items of note. This is not a sequel to "Spiders" 2000. It is a stand alone movie. Second, again, where are the spiders? The first half of the movie was really slow. One tiny glimpse of a giant spider in the beginning credits and then nothing for a long time.

When you do get to them, the spiders themselves were good for the most part. Lots of eyes and lots of drooling. Some looked a little off but there is only so much you can do with a small budget. Also it was filmed in Bulgaria and we all know what their special effects teams are like. There is also some camp which is expected in these kinds of movies and the ending is a little silly. Still I got my monsters. It’s good enough for horror movie fans like me who don’t care about quality just quantity.

There is a little profanity and nudity. Try battling giant spiders and see if you don’t swear.