The largest spider in the world is Goliath Bird Eating Tarantula

The Soviets are doing experimenting in space with DNA they found in an alien spaceship that was trapped under the ice. They use the alien DNA to experiment on spiders. A meteor shower destroys the space station and it crashes into the subway of New York City. Everyone is evacuated. For awhile.

Jason Cole (Patrick Muldoon) is a New York Transit subway supervisor. Jason sends a co-worker, Jimmy (Atanas Srebrev), down to investigate. Jimmy is bitten and falls on the third rail. Jason's ex-wife Rachel (Christa Campbell), who is a coroner with the New York City Department of Health does an autopsy on Jimmy. She discovers a cluster of large, unusual looking insect eggs inside Jimmy's body. She saves the eggs for further study. One of them is the queen egg.

The military finds out and retrieves the egg. They hatch it wanting to make a weapon of it. The queen has other ideas.

Meanwhile in the subway an infestation of spiders that lay their eggs in people is running loose. The military quarantine's the city but the spiders keep growing and escape the subway and wreak havoc all over the city. Then there is the Queen.

"Spiders III: The city is crawling" was released in 2013 and was directed by Tibor Takacs. This is technically third in the “Spider” series although like the others it is a stand alone movie. It is similar to the first movie in that the spiders come to earth via a crashing space vehicle. The first one was a NASA event from the shuttle. This one is a Soviet venture from the space station. Why should the US be the only ones to wreak havoc on the earth?

I like this movie. First of all it’s a big bug movie and I love big bug movies. It’s also got lots of action and lots of spiders of all sizes. The special effects were great. Outside of “Tarantula” and “Earth vs the Spider” it is one of my favorite spider movies. There’s a lot of monster here and a lot of creepy. It’s perfect for a conspiracy enthusiast. And great for a bug movie lover.

Watch it in 3D if ya got it. Otherwise, enjoy it anyway. As long as you have monster, I’m there.