In the not too distant future the ozone layer has deteriorated due to widespread pollution. The result is higher temperatures than normal. Crime has also run wild. Rival arms dealers the Diaz Brothers and The Colonel AKA Colonel Edward Rollin Duggins (Roy Brocksmith) supply the city’s hoodlums with whatever weaponry they desire. A rocket launcher is used to put the Diaz Brothers out of business. Now the only game in town is The Colonel’s.

Detective Lt. David Nash (Robert Taylor) is charged with trying to stem the violence. He and Gina Morelli (Season Hubley), his partner and friend for the last six years, work side by side to that end. With crime at an all time high their job is 24/7.

The death of David’s son Davey (Maxwell Crowe) the year before caused the breakup in his marriage. Some of his co-workers, like Lt. Bill Somes (John Finn) and Detective Steve Totten (John Toles-Bey), worry about his state of mind. Sleep doesn’t come easy for him. He has the same recurring nightmare of watching his son die. And in that dream is a figure beckoning to him and a toy Robosaurus that he and his son built together .

Jeremiah J. Jones (J.A. Preston) is the man in his dreams. Jones is a time traveler. Time travelers are looking for those with the gift of transformation. They can take a small object and make it big. His job is to find those that have the gift and teach them how to use it. David is one of those people.

A piece of rocket used to blow up the Diaz Brother’s inventory is found to be the same as the rocket used to blow up the car that David’s son was in. David also remembers a truck with a moving company’s logo on it from his nightmare. David grabs onto these clues and follows them to The Colonel but with no proof he can do nothing legally to put an end to The Colonel’s destructive business.

“Steel Justice” AKA “Robosaurus: Steel Justice” was released in 1992 and was directed by Christopher Crowe. It is a science fiction, action television movie pilot that was not picked up. The pilot aired as a movie of the week.

It’s probably just as well that the pilot wasn’t picked up. The cost of operating the Robosaurus would have made the television series too expensive. As it was the Robosaurus in the film doesn’t really show up until the end of the movie. When it does it is absolutely fun awesome but unfortunately awesome isn’t enough. After the movie aired once it was put on a shelf. There was never a video release either. Some may say thank god but I disagree. I got a kick out of seeing that silly monster even if it was only for ten minutes or so.

Granted the movie would never have made it as television series but as a campy movie it’s not god awful terrible. The Blade Runner-esque future depicted in the pilot is all part of the fun of this over the top affair. Added is some Debbie Downer schmaltz but it’s all worth it when you finally get to the fire breathing metal dinosaur. The movie is a historic piece of pop-culture that has basically been lost to time.

Robosaurus is a transforming dinosaur robot that stands 40 feet tall and weighs 31 tons. It was created by inventor Doug Malewicki in 1989. It is modeled after Transformers toys. It can transform from a 48-foot semi trailer into a mechanical Tyrannosaurus Rex. It has hydraulically activated arms, grasping claws, and jaws. It has a flame thrower in the head that gives it the effect of breathing fire out of its nostrils. It was frequently seen at monster truck rallies and would eat cars and other vehicles. The driver sits in the head of the robot. It is powered by a 500 horse power turbo charged diesel engine. Four hydraulic pumps manipulate the claws that can exert 24,000 pounds of force. It's cool.