Just plain fun.

Off the coast of Massachusetts tourists are visiting Plymouth Rock. A waterspout forms off shore, then disappears. In Boston a guy playing basketball is hit by a rock falling from the sky.

Maddy (Miranda Frigon) is a police officer who is investigating these strange occurrences. Her brother Joe (Paul Johansson is a science teacher. She calls him for advise. Lee (Sebastian Spence) is a weather reporter and a friend of Joe. He tags along. They find that a tornado that had formed at sea pulled rocks from the ocean floor and threw them on land.

Joe’s son and daughter Jackson (Dylan Schmid) and Megan (Jessica McLeod) have gone to the harbor. Now a little worried about them Joe tries to call them but can't get ahold of either one.

In the meantime more strange waterspouts and tornados are forming. Rocks are raining down everywhere. Recent volcanic eruptions are creating more and more tornados and thus more rocks raining down. But now these rocks are different. These rocks explode.

"Stonados" was released in 2013 and was directed by Jason Bourque. Now this is your basic SYFY channel “B” movie. It has all the moving parts. Crazy plot. Lots of action. Explosions. Lots of mayhem and destruction. Good and bad special effects. Decent acting for a “B”. Whiny teenager. Oh, that one is not required.

Per usual the two kids get themselves in trouble and dad has to come to the rescue. Ahuh.

The movie was a good watch and I was entertained all through it. Of course it’s unrealistic but that is part of the fun. It’s just your simple disaster movie and it’s exactly what a low budget reek havoc movie should be. Just chill and let it play.