“We’ve run into a spot of bother.”

What do Stonehenge, Maine, Aztec Pyramids, Egyptian Pyramids and the Antikythera Mechanism have in common? Stay tuned.

Stonehenge starts moving due to electromagnetic forces. Meanwhile there are earthquakes, volcanoes, floods. The earth is being torn apart and it is up to a discredited scientist, Dr. Jacob Glaser (Misha Collins) to save it. Dr. Glaser was once a renowned astrophysicist. He believes metal can be radio-carbon dated. Something the scientific community disputes. He has now been labeled a kook and a conspiracy theorist. He hosts a radio show called "The Real Story". Apparently this makes him an expert in saving the world from alien technology.

Meanwhile a group of fanatics led by Dr. Joseph LeShem (Hill Harper) are trying to hasten the day of destruction so the earth can be reborn. At the same time the military is ready to nuke Stonehenge to try to stop the chaos. (Why is it whenever anything goes wrong the military people want to nuke it?)

"Stonehenge Apocalypse" was released in 2010 and was directed by Paul Ziller. It is a Canadian made for TV movie. Usually it’s a monster that takes out a helicopter. This time it’s Stonehenge’s fault. This is a low budget SYFY channel movie. The CGI is a mix of good and bad. I don’t care. The whole premise of Stonehenge being a machine made by an ancient race to terra form the earth is fabulous. The movie concept was awesome. I loved it.

This is what Science Fiction is all about. It’s not supposed to be historically accurate. If you imagine this story taking place on a Star Trek episode and the crew is visiting a planet similar to earth what would your reaction be to it?