You won’t want to go to this garden party.

Julia (Jessica Cook) runs a catering business. Paul (Matt O'Leary) works for her as a waiter. Julia has gotten a job catering an event at the Perch estate. Julia and Paul go to set up for the party. Mrs. Perch (Eve Slatner) is an eccentric elderly woman that comes from old money. The annual garden party is the event of the year. She and her strange son Sydney (Clifton Collins Jr.) expect the cream of society. Even the town mayor Caruthers (Lance Henriksen) is expected to be there.

Unknown by anyone, Mrs. Perch has been feeding contraband toxic plant fertilizer with growth hormones to the plants in her garden. The plants are really big. The fertilizer is also seeping into the ground where it has mutated a species of parasitic wasp. The wasps are really big. Once the party is in full force the guests become nesting material for the body burrowing wasps. The gestation period is rather quick and what hatches are seven foot wasps.

Paul and Julia are stuck trying to figure out what to do about this insectile holocaust. The wasps reproduce through their stingers, also ovipositors. The juvenile wasps emerge and the human hosts die. It is bug on people (and one dog) carnage.

"Stung" was released in 2015 and was directed by Benni Diez. This is supposed to be a throw back from the big bug movies from the 50’s and 60’s perhaps even the 80’s. It’s that and more. The actors are sharp. The dialogue snappy. The monster bugs are great and as creepy as you would expect. The electricity between Matt O’Leary and Jessica Cook, the two caterers, is electric. Once the stinging starts the action is wild and rampant.

It’s a great movie that will fulfill all your horror movie desires. Any more and I might inadvertently add spoilers. See it for yourself. If you like big bug movies you’ll want it in your collection. Just be aware that although it may appear to be a throw back to good old fashioned horror movies it was done in 2015 so there’s a plethora of swear words and gore.