“That is no way to treat an HK-91.”

Nanavut Province, Canada 60th parallel. A team of scientists are doing research and collecting ice core samples. A giant Graboid attacks the team. They call Burt Gummer (Michael Gross) for help. Once he is convinced of the possibility of Graboids in the Arctic he is on his way. Begrudgingly he takes his son Travis (Jamie Kennedy) with him. They take a small bush plane to the location. On the way the plane is hit by an Ass-Blaster which kills the creature and damages the plane.

At the facility they meet Val and Rhonda’s daughter Valerie McKee (Jamie-Lee Money). She is an expert in Graboids and a student intern. It was her idea to call Burt.

Darpa is a research facility that is next to the scientific research center. Burt being Burt suspects that they are breeding Graboids as a bio-weapon. In reality they are interested in extracting melted water as a commodity. The Darpa team is at the Meltwater Hot Springs when a Graboid attacks them and eats one of the scientists.

While fighting an Ass-Blaster Burt collapses. When he wakes up he learns that he has become infected by a Parasite from Graboid venom. They need to develop a serum from Graboid antibodies. In order to do that they need a live Graboid. Two of them have been hanging around the research facility hoping to score a little snack. One is given the nickname Sally. The other they nickname Big Boy. One gets dispatched when it is lured into an underground makeshift electrical fence. The other they need to find a way to catch. Without it Bert will die from his infection.

"Tremors 6: A Cold Day In Hell" was released in 2018 and was directed by Don Michael Paul. This one seemed a little darker to me. Not as much comedy. The location was different in that it was the Arctic instead of the desert, but the terrain still looked similar to the town of Perfection. The Graboids were modeled after the African species more than the North American ones and they were mostly CGI with a little puppet work. There is the usual accompaniment of crazy characters not including Burt and Travis. Again no Shriekers and only a limited amount of Ass-Blasters. They too looked a lot like the African ones and not the North American species. I’m OK with the African Ass-Blasters but I liked the regular Graboids better.

Again as with Tremors 1, and Tremors 2, and Tremors 3, and Tremors 4, and Tremors 5, by now you really need to be a Tremors fan to love them all. I don’t love them all, but there are parts of most of them that are decent. They are fun and basically just plain entertaining. By now Graboids have become as iconic as Sharks and Giant Spiders. And they are everywhere.