OK, Not Jurassic whatever

Dr. Marisa Martinelli (Hayley J. Williams), and a group of scientists have cloned dinosaurs, planning to use them for disease research. While giving a tour of the facility to businessman Steven Hagen (Joel Berti) and his assistant Bridget (Jennifer Levinson) one of them escapes. The facility goes into lockdown.

Marisa, Steven and Bridget become locked in a safe room with scientists Diana (Shellie Sterling), Eva Nieves (Paulina Nguyen) and Charles Ovidio (Greg Furman). Also in the safe room are security guards Thomas Adkins (Joseph Michael Harris), Smith (Thomas Steven Varga) and Hyde (Korbin Miles). Attempts are made to capture the escapee, however, those that manage to survive the attempt return to the safe room. What follows is a hide and seek game between dinosaurs and people. Pretty much all the people get tagged out.

"Triassic World" was released in 2018 and was directed by Dylan Vox. OK it’s a rip off of Jurassic whatever. OK the acting is meh. OK the storyline is implausible. OK the plot is a little thin. OK the dialogue is not that innovative. OK the story is derivative.

But it’s got Dinosaurs!!

This is what else you need to keep in mind. This is not Jurassic whatever. The budget for Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom alone (Which was released three days later than Triassic World, which is really a TV movie that went direct to video) was $170,000,000. I doubt very much if Asylum’s entire budget for all its pictures for that year was anywhere near that. The production company for Triassic World is “Asylum”. They specialize in “B” movies. Well rip off "B" movies. Also because they don’t have the budget of the big guys they don’t have the cast that the big guys can hire. As for the plot and storyline. How many scenarios can you throw dinosaurs into? And if the actions of the dinosaurs don’t seem logical or the characters are doing stupid things and get killed just remember… dinosaurs aren’t real either. Not anymore.

Look at this movie as a stupid, cheezy, low budget “B” movie done for the SYFY channel. Which is exactly what it is. It’s still a fun people running, screaming, getting eaten, blood gushing Sunday afternoon pass the time kind of movie. And considering that this is a low budget horror movie, the dinosaurs are quite good. Not Jurassic whatever good, but still good. So sit back, relax, and check your mind at the door and just…

Enjoy the dinosaurs.